Advice or whatever you want to call it: Finding Inspiration from others

The amount of times I’ve heard “that’s so unoriginal,” or “this has already been done before” is uncountable. As consumers of creativity we have become so locked in on experiencing something that has never been done before, that so many great things are built on a predecessor. We don’t frown upon a Ferarri, because the first automobile was built in 1886 and anything after that is just a copy. Instead we applaud Ferrari because they have created an incredible machine based on the work of someone else.

Creators are just as guilty. We focus on trying to be original and ground breaking instead of appreciating others work with the main thought of “This is an amazing, but how can I make it better?’ We are always told to do our own thing and not to copy others, but this thinking puts a void in our creative thinking. Find work that you love, people that you are inspired by, and use their ideas to fuel your own.

With this in mind I would like to post some content that inspires me: This website uses beautiful photography and extreme simplicity to market themselves. The settings of their images really catch your eye. Full of imagery and simplicity as well, with a unugue way of displaying their content.



Advice or whatever you want to call it: Privacy Policies

I find myself building a lot of e-commerce sites these days. My customers are realizing that it is much cheaper to have me build them a website, than it is for them to open up a brick and mortar store. However, what a lot of them don’t realize, is that their customers privacy is a big deal. A privacy policy usually slips a lot of people’s minds when putting their business online. Not only is it good practice to have a privacy policy, its the law.

Anytime you are selling a product on an e-commerce store that is registered under your name, you must provide a detailed privacy policy for your customers.

You can find many free privacy policy generators online.

Here is an in depth article on the subject: